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We welcome you to our Martial Arts Family, here you will find a real way to become a better son, daughter, brother, sister, mother and father, through our martial arts program, which includes not just the greatest method of self-defense, but also a great development of leadership and self-esteem, we are formers of world class champions, in the USA and Mexico


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At Supreme Martial Arts, we are committed to develop a strong character and self confidence in children, teens and adults through Martial Arts. We are convinced that the best way to keep our body and mind healthy is by giving to ours students, the correct balance between training, leadership, and discipline. Have fun while learning!

When the mind is not confined anywhere - it is everywhere - Bruce Lee


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We have teaching Martial Arts for 25 years and we have graduated more than 300 black belts, we have one of the best Black Belt programs, where you will develop all your potential and skills, learning striking, kicking, inner power, meditation, stretching, break falls, point sparring, continuous sparring, kickboxing and ground fight. You can choose your own schedule on group classes or if you prefer we have private lessons available.

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Supreme martial arts ocoee


Supreme martial arts ocoee

Now offering Brazilian Jiujitsu classes! Come and join us

Brazilian jiu-jitsu is a martial art, combat sport and self-defense system developed in Brazil. It focuses primarily on hand-to-hand fighting on the ground, using dislocations, chokes, immobilizations and takedowns.

The main objective of Brazilian jiu-jitsu is to subdue the opponent by dislocation or strangulation without using strikes, hence it is sometimes referred to as a "soft art". These techniques have their origin in Japanese judo, especially in its ground fighting section known as ne waza.

Supreme martial arts
Supreme martial arts


This great martial art was created by Grandmaster Myung Jae Ok, from South Korea, is a world recognized martial art of self-defense, this professional training studio will help you understand that Martial Arts are not just for fighting its actually also for self-defense, discipline, respect, courtesy, integrity, loyalty, self-esteem, confidence, and indomitable will.

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Our Kicking program, uses more than 250 different combinations of kicks, low, medium, high and jumping kicks, to use for self-defense and for competitions.

Supreme martial arts

KUM SOOL DO AND BONG SOOL DO (Weaponry program)

The best oriental weapons as a Sword, short stick, medium stick, and long stick and nunchakus in our program for your best development and training, to be a great competitor and also to use as self-defense.

This program is designed to make your psychomotor system better, and learn how to use right and left hands and unroll your ability to use both hands at the same time.

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Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
ka[0][0] ka[1][0] ka[2][0] ka[3][0] ka[4][0] ka[5][0]Hapkido & Kickboxing (Ages 4-10)
ka[0][1]Hapkido & Kickboxing (Ages 6-10) ka[1][1]Hapkido & Kickboxing (Ages 6-10) ka[2][1]Hapkido & Kickboxing (Ages 6-10) ka[3][1]Hapkido & Kickboxing (Ages 6-10) ka[4][1] ka[5][1]
ka[0][2] ka[1][2]Little Dragons class (Ages 3-6) ka[2][2] ka[3][2]Little Dragons class (Ages 3-6) ka[4][2] ka[5][2]
ka[0][3]Hapkido & Kickboxing (Ages 8-12) ka[1][3] ka[2][3]Hapkido & Kickboxing (Ages 8-12) ka[3][3] ka[4][3]Weapons and competition team (Ages 8 and up) ka[5][3]
ka[0][4] ka[1][4]Little Dragons class (Ages 3-6) ka[2][4] ka[3][4]Little Dragons class (Ages 3-6) ka[4][4] ka[5][4]
ka[0][5]Hapkido & Kickboxing (Ages 13 and up) ka[1][5]Brazilian Jiujitsu (Ages 13 and up) ka[2][5]Hapkido & Kickboxing (Ages 13 and up) ka[3][5]Brazilian Jiujitsu (Ages 13 and up) ka[4][5] ka[5][5]
Friday Saturday
ka[0][0] ka[1][0]PRIVATE CLASS
ka[0][1] ka[1][1]PRIVATE CLASS
ka[0][2]PRIVATE CLASS ka[1][2]
ka[0][3]PRIVATE CLASS ka[1][3]


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Chief Master Iván Campos Sanders

Chief Master

6th Degree Black Belt

25 years teaching martial arts. President and founder of Supreme Martial Arts, Florida, FL. President and founder of Sander Martial Arts, Cancún, Mex. President of the international Korean Martial Arts Union USA Martial Arts Hall of Fame Inducted as a "Master of the Year" 2006, 2014 & 2015. "USA Martial Arts Ambassador" 2019. 7x USA Champion, 4x MEX Champion. 1x JAPAN Champion, 1x PANAM Champion

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Denzel Campos


1st Degree Black Belt

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Lilian Becerra


1st Degree Black Belt


Whatever your mind
can conceive and believe,
it can achieve
We are convinced that the best way to keep our body and mind healthy is by giving to ours students, the correct balance training, leadership, and discipline. - Supreme Martial Arts Florida


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